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JP, you may have beaten me to the posting, but I kicked your 455 in the Randomosity section.  WHAT NOW?!?!?


How old are ya? (Tell the truth.  There's nothing wrong with being young...or old for that matter): 133 (dog years, of course.)
Where are you from? Or if you're a college student, what school are you going to? ...actually...feel free to answer both if applicable: I'm from Campbellsville, KY, but at the moment, I live in the BG, where I attend Western Kentucky University.
What's your name?: Craig
In the odd event that your name is one of those either way names, what sex are you?: I am of the male species.

AIM SN: imnottapeboy
Yahoo SN: don't have it.
ICQ UIN: this either
Any other IM chat service you use and the appropriate info here: in fact, this either.

What is (are) your favorite TV show(s) of all time?: Gotta be Aqua Teen Hunger Force...or either Transformers. (number one in disguise...)  ...also Will & Grace.
What is (are) your favorite Book(s)?: Terry Brooks's Shannara series, Garth Nix's Sabriel series, and anything written by Tolkien.
Movie(s)?: Anything by Kevin Smith (particularly Chasing Amy), and Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2.
Band(s)?: The Smashing Pumpkins, They Might Be Giants, AFI, Prodigy, Sublime, Dashboard Confessional, Rufio, Thursday, and Outkast.  SP kicks so much 455 it's not even funny.
Color(s)?: Blue.  The deeper the blue, the better.
Spice Girl? (I'm not asking if you liked them, cause I sure as hell didn't.  Just curious to know the answer. :P):Gotta be Ginger, cause she was really really REALLY pretty.  That and I've got a soft spot for red heads.
Food(s)?: I like me some sushi. Sushi and cheeseburgers.  And PJ's chees stix.  mmmmm. Cheese Stix. Either Livejournal or College HumorEbaum's World also ranks right up there.

What is (are) your least favorite TV show(s) of all time?: Passions, as in the soap opera.  OH GOD!! I'm not gonna pretend that I don't watch the occasional soap, mostly because I'd be lying.  I'm a softie, so soaps are cool with me...but Passions is just rediculous.
What is (are) your least favorite Book(s)?: The Great Gatsby...I know it's popular, but I just really didn't like the style.  Especially dialogue.  When a conversation's going on, I generally like to know who's talking.
Movie(s)?: LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) sucked.  Made me sad...and to think...I actually paid to see it in the theater...
Band(s)?: Good Charlotte sold out.
Color(s)?: Vomit green or either baby poo green...they're really close to the same color...depends on what's been eaten.
Spice Girl? (Again, I'm not asking if you liked them): Scary...she's, well...just scary.
Food(s)?: Greens of any kind...kale, mustard...I don't care.  They're all really friggin gross! Just go...

What's your opinion on racism?: Racism is the one thing that I really REALLY can't tolerate.  I'm not just talking about white supremacists, I'm talking about the stand-up comedian that makes fun of white people for 'acting white,' and likewise the white comedian that makes fun of hispanic people or anything of that sort.  People are people, reguardless of color, nationality, or religion.
Abortion?: Everyone deserves the right to live.  The question isn't whether or not the woman should be able to decide what to do with her body, it's whether or not the woman should be able to decide whether another person can live or die.
File Sharing?: Although I can see where the RIAA's coming from, I still support file sharing.  I've bought several albums because I heard mp3's from them.  If I like the band, I'll buy the cd.
Paid LJ accounts?: I've got one, so I like 'em.  I don't have any problem with free users, though, 'cause I survived many many years on free online services.
Premarital Sex?: Whatever you feel will make you happy.  Just be careful about it and take the proper safety procautions.
Marriage?: I plan to get married someday.  Something about knowing that you'll always have someone there for you, and that your spouse will to just makes me feel alll warm and fuzzy inside.  I'm a hopeless romantic, so I still believe in true love.  Go marriage!
Gay rights?: Last I checked, gay people are people just like everyone else, and should therefore have exactly the same rights as everyone else.
Gay Marriage?: See previous answer.  When people love each other, reguardless of sex, they should have just the same legal rights as everyone else.
Affirmative Action?: A good idea.  Equality is a big plus in my book.
Politics?: I really don't keep up with politics, but I do know enough to be able to say that there's a lot of dishonesty and deceit goin on.  boo.

Who are you?: I'm a fun-loving ex-computer science ULTRA NERD who likes long walks on the beach, and FFXI.  I'm super nice, kind, and all those other words what mean the same thing...unless you're all sortsa stupid, at which point I won't hesitate to tell you.  FLAME ON!!.  Currently, I'm trying real real hard to pass my freshman year at WKU, a task that would have been far easier had I went to class at least half the time.  D'oh.
What sets you apart from all the other sheep (or more affectionately, bleaters)?:
Once, I was just walking down the way and a giant elephant with orange ears and a Hello Kitty t-shirt jumped out at me and yelled, "FARFIGNUGAN" (spelled exactly like that, mostly because it's my story) in my face, which sucked because his breath smelled strongly of decomposition and overripe banana shavings, and so after he finished shouting his farfigs and his nugans in my general direction, I promptly said "Good DAY, sir!" turned, and walked away.
I'm pretty sure that no one before me, out of the billions and billions of people who have lived throughout the history of the world, has ever...ever put those words in exactly that order.  I think that's pretty unique, don't you?
If you could be just like anyone (living or dead), who would you choose and why?: I'ma go with John Lennon, for he was the most awesome songwriter the world has ever known.  However, were I just like John Lennon, I would have chosen someone who wasn't Yoko Ono to be my wife...mostly because she was really really annoying and had nearly no talent of any kind...whatsoever...
Who is your favorite person in the world and why?: At the moment, and probably for quite some time down the road, Mary Kathryn Crutcher.  She makes me smile, even when I don't want to, and listens to me even when I don't deserve it.
What's the most interesting experience you've ever had?: This one band camp...(insert almost ANY story from band camp here).  Now, I can say this because I was actually in marching band and had to go through hell band camp.  There are far too many stories to isolate one.  Feel free to ask me if you ever see me irl, for I will have more time and energy then.
What's the strangest thing you've ever done?: [pasted from my application to we_0wn_j00]
The strangest thing I've ever done with other people...hmmm...I'm currently involved in a prank war with a girl in my building. Me and my roommate dressed up in full ninja gear and went down to her room and stole her mattress...and her blanket...and pillow...and mirror. Then we filled right about 200 little plastic cups with water and put them on her side of the room. And confettied her room. Then, just for fun, we hid an entire loaf of bread (one slice at a time, mind you) all over her room. In her pants pockets, her purse, was great. She didn't find the one in her purse until she was at DUC (the food place). She reached into her purse for her ID and suddenly burst out laughing. I wish I was there.
What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone else?: Once, when I was in elementary school, the big bully kid hit me in the face so I pulled his pants down and made fun of him.  Apparently he had crapped his pants that day...which really sucked for him.  Everyone made fun of him, and instead of hitting me in the face again, he just ran away crying.  Actually, now that I think about it, that wasn't that mean, considering all the times he pushed me around and made me feel like a lesser person, but I'm just that kind of person I suppose.
What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?: [also pasted from my app. at we_0wn_j00]
Once, I went to a party with some friends from school. I had only one Smirnoff Triple Black...but the method of drinking this one drink nearly made me die. Drinking it to the bottom of the neck, filling it with Everclear, and repeating about 10 times is a real bad idea.

Me: Nayo, I'm a really great kisser. You should let me give you face.
Nayo: No.
(10 minutes pass)
Me: Nayo, I'm a really great kisser. You should let me give you face.
Nayo: No.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

For the following questions, refer to these lists of random words:

List A: Artificial words created with a Random Word Generator:
madactril    undilyrimen    awlibraze    quadmieriatrum    alualsity

List B: Real words:
carnal    galloches    tireless    spy    reopen    mangle    feline    megaton    ace    distillery

Choose three words from List A and create a definition for them below.  Also include what type of word they are (noun, verb, etc.)
1. noun;  A small device used to conceal a shiv, or other small stabbing implement.
Example: John pulled out the awlibraze and retrieved his pen knife.
2. adjective; Used to describe a person or action which can be construed as shifty or secretive. 
Example: The way that Mr. Johnson carries his briefcase makes him seem quite awlibraze.
1. noun; Any large growth that may be found on the underside of a foot.
Example: John's madactril produces an horrendous stench.
1.  noun; A fourfold fighting method which includes sharp yelling, stomping, swift, snake-like movements, and precise, calculated attacks..
Example: Jennifer had utilized her quadmieriatrum well, as John lay broken and bleeding on the floor.

Now, using the three words from above and any five words from List B, write a story below.  Be sure to bold all words taken from one of the two lists.  Feel free to use any form or tense of the words. For example, ace can be used as a noun or a verb.  If used as a verb, it can also be used in the past tense (aced).

Joseph was a tireless worker.  He spent many a diligent hour at the Pembridge Distillery, his place of employment for over 47 years.  In his days at the distillery, Joe had seen his fair share of shady characters.  This is the account of that encounter:

Joseph Warnegan stood idly at his station, watching bottle after bottle of Pembridge's Premium Ale clatter past him on the poorly oiled conveyor, glass cars on an rickety, overloaded train.  As he shifted uncomfortably in his galloches, which he had to wear to keep in the rancid aroma of his leprose madactrils, the weary worker noticed a rather awlibraze figure attempting to sneak by.  She had an almost feline quality to her, moving fluidly between machines, the light barely carressing her smoothe, supple skin and flowing curves...her gentle hands...her tiny dagger that she had carefully aimed at him...her amazing eyes...then it hit him.  Like a 20 megaton atomic bomb it hit him.  This woman was trying to kill him!  His carnal desires had nearly cost him his life.

He sprung to action, breaking one of the bottles from the line and brandishing it before him.  Joe had been an ace martial artist back in his prime, and as the adrenaline pumped through his veins, he felt it all coming back to him.  A Pandora's Box of violent memories had been reopened.  The spy, as she appeared to be, camera strapped to her belt, flung the blade at him.  He darted to the side and deflected the projectile with his bottle.  Unfortunately for Joe, the force of the blow shattered the bottle, mangling it beyond all practical use.  The dagger lay to his left, and he knew that she was eyeing it, just waiting to make her move.

The two moved toward the little piece of steel, sights trained on each other for the slightest hint of a lunge.  They circled, a pair of ravenous wolves around a single juicy rabbit.  The pugnant aroma of the combatants' sweat mingled with the ambient aroma of the spilt ale, and everpresent stench of Joe's feet.  Then she struck.

In one lightening movement, the vixen reached down, grabbed the knife and jabbed it toward the man's stomach.  He pushed her arm to the side and countered with a two-fingered blow to the assassin's chest.  As she staggered backwards, gasping for air, Joe called upon every bit of his training in quadmieriatrum, hitting six more times.  The beautiful woman slumped to the floor.  He knelt beside her.  She wasn't dead, but very close to it.  It looked as if he'd taken out her left arm, both knees, one eye, and probably ruptured at least one of her kidneys.  She would definately be in the hospital for a while.

Security found the two of them moments later and the police were called.  The court ruled that Joe reacted in self-defense and that it was not his fault that Ms. Foster was in a coma.

Joe's a really nice guy as long as you don't try to knife him.

Any last words or comments?: I used all ten words from List B...I'm an overachiever.  P\v/|\|3|)

"There's a million other women in this world, but not all of them will bring you lasagne to work. Most of 'em just cheat on you."
-Silent Bob-
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