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All stamped members:

So, things are getting off to a really great start.  I'm thinkin that after we get about 15 or so members, we put the voting system into full effect.  Until then, please comment on others' applications.  Especially mine.  It looks lonely.  (;.;)

That said, until we get enough people to actually vote, vote anyway.  Even if they've already been stamped.  Just comment, criticize, and/or put what your vote would be.  And don't be afraid to vote no on a mod's app, as long as you're not retarded about it.  "I hate you and your opinions are complete crap." will get you hated on, whereas "I felt that your answer on [insert question here] was too vague and closed minded.  Personally I feel..." will get you respect.

Utilize your stampedness, dammit!

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