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Gerbils are edible! Check it out, yo!

Welcome to SoulScape!  Here, we kick it old school style, new school style, or no style at all...unless you suck, at which point you don't get to kick it at all.

I'm Z3RØ.  I'd introduce myself a little better, but you can just read my application down that-a-ways.  I am and forever will be your captain, and you will fasten your damn seatbelts!!

These are your mods.  You will come to know and love them, or at least kiss their asses so that they won't ban you:

There'll be one more, but at the moment, I'm not sure just who.  And don't ask me, either.  That's the quickest way to ensure that you don't get it, so MEH!

Anywho, as long as you follow the rules, you may enjoy your time here.

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