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How old are ya? (Tell the truth. There's nothing wrong with being young...or old for that matter): I am a grand total of achtzehn
Where are you from? Or if you're a college student, what school are you going to? ...actually...feel free to answer both if applicable: I live in the exotic town of goodlettsville TN, and I am a struggling student at WKU.
What's your name?: Amanda Allen (AA)
In the odd event that your name is one of those either way names, what sex are you?: I am filled with estrogen.

AIM SN: ManderAl
Yahoo SN: Sunnday_gone_bad
Any other IM chat service you use and the appropriate info here: does windows messanger count, lol j/k.

What is (are) your favorite TV show(s) of all time?: Rocketpower
What is (are) your favorite Book(s)?: Crime and Punishment, I am the cheese, and ...
Movie(s)?: The Mummy
Band(s)?: Mudvayne, Perfect Circle, Disturbed
Color(s)?: yellow
Spice Girl? (I'm not asking if you liked them, cause I sure as hell didn't. Just curious to know the answer. :P): Posh
Food(s)?: bagels and cream cheese,

What is (are) your least favorite TV show(s) of all time?: commercials, i will watch just about anything ;)
What is (are) your least favorite Book(s)?:
Movie(s)?: Dude where's my car
Band(s)?: n'sync, well if you could consider them that
Color(s)?: violet, why can't you just be purple!!!
Spice Girl? (Again, I'm not asking if you liked them): Ginger, even though she is the only one that even is a spice
Food(s)?: tomatoes

What's your opinion on racism?: Why you want to be hating?
Abortion?: everyone should have a choice.
File Sharing?: why not they are my files.
Paid LJ accounts?: If you want the options and there is no way around it, then yeah it isn't that expensive.
Premarital Sex?: umm...yeah.
Marriage?: yeah, it si the ultimate in expression of love.
Gay rights?: everyone should have equal rights.
Gay Marriage?: no on should be denied that expression of love and dedication.
Affirmative Action?: No, everyone should be treated fairly and that means that no one should get more privaleges tahn the other with out earning it.
Politics?: Discussing of politics broadens the mind and blackens the soul.

Who are you?: I am AA, the girl you will never understand.
What sets you apart from all the other sheep (or more affectionately, bleaters)?: bleat.
If you could be just like anyone (living or dead), who would you choose and why?: Amy Lee , she can sing like an angel, and looks like a fox, or sailor moon for obvious reasons.
Who is your favorite person in the world and why?: My dad, b/c he always puts his family first even before himself, he always knows just what to say, but doesn't always say what you want to hear. ANd most off all cause he worked his butt off his entire life to give me and my siblings what he nmever had, and loves all very much.
What's the most interesting experience you've ever had?: backing my car down my friends cliff.
What's the strangest thing you've ever done?: see above statement.
What's the worst thing you've ever done to someone else?: lied.
What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?: umm yeah ripped my pants when going up the bleachers in middle school, that one stuck.

For the following questions, refer to these lists of random words:

List A: Artificial words created with a Random Word Generator:
madactril undilyrimen awlibraze quadmieriatrum alualsity

List B: Real words:
carnal galloches tireless spy reopen mangle feline megaton ace distillery

Choose three words from List A and create a definition for them below. Also include what type of word they are (noun, verb, etc.)
1. alualsity: allure, adj
2. madactril: a type of dread lock, n
3. quadmieriatrum : a group of four grasshoppers

Now, using the three words from above and any five words from List B, write a story below. Be sure to bold all words taken from one of the two lists. Feel free to use any form or tense of the words. For example, ace can be used as a noun or a verb. If used as a verb, it can also be used in the past tense (aced). Grey was blinded at the mangled alllure of the madactriled hair in front of him. He blinked twice and had to reopen his feline like eyes. The stories of the carnal spy that wore magenta galloches and carried a quadmieriatrum with him at all time; was standing right before him. He had his camera handy, that fifty dollars was good as in his hand. "Thanks you Wierd radio" He cried in triumph.
Any last words or comments?: Yeah, the bolding is grrrr, loves AA

"There's a million other women in this world, but not all of them will bring you lasagne to work. Most of 'em just cheat on you."
-Silent Bob-
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